Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Back on the Blog

Hello blog sorry for the neglect.

Hello friends. Please contact us at Jens, Andrea, Martin and Stephanie please get in touch with us we have lost your details.

We have traded a tent on a Landrover for a flat on the third floor. We still get good views of the trees but don’t get elephants strolling past our windows. Life in London is fast, fun and cosmopolitan. One minute one is in the Caribbean, then Africa, then east Europe. Tattoos, ipods, big boobs and sunglasses are in. Beer and fish and chips are a sure thing. During summer grey clothes are traded for coloured but this will soon change as winter fast approaches.

London life is strangely more laid back than Johannesburg, probably all down to not having to drive anymore

This evening we have been watching a fox from our flat window. Foxes have become our buddies they are London wild life. With our flat being on the edge of Greenwich Park and Blackheath we have lots of open spaces that are habitat for our buddies.

A couple of weeks ago we witnessed a fox kill without the aid of a Landrover or guide. We were walking home from Blackheath when our well trained eyes spotted a potential kill. A well adapted urban fox had spotted a London thorough-bred pigeon. The slick manoeuvre took place quickly and it was not long before the fox was looking up at us in-between mouthfuls of pigeon and feather plucking.

Even though we have been here for about six month s Ross still gets a buzz out of walking past the London landmarks on the way to work. Cross London bridge (London Bridge is falling down, falling down) look across to the HMS Belfast moored on the River Thames, just below Tower Bridge. After that walk past the Monument (to those who died in the great London Fire) before you see that Ross disappears down a lane to the office.

This is our life now…


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