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Saturday, May 14, 2005

From Zero to ....

After leaving Johannesburg we have been to...

Witbank, yes Witbank and decadence! We are talking anchovy stuffed olives, loads of red wine, double chocolate pudding, gorgonzola cheese, brandied cherries and time spent catching up with an old friend, Rob.

Monzi, near St Lucia for Pizza and Beer and more time with friends, this time Roland.

Cape Vidal, snorkelling, beaching (no not whales) and hide and seek with samango monkeys. We had the opportunity to try out our roof top tent ( yes Beccy it is strong).

Today it is pouring with rain in St Lucia and we have indulged in coffee and muffins. From here we head north to Sodwana to test out our diving skills. Hopefully we will be playing with the big boys (yes the whales, rays and all of them)! Till then.

Our first night camping and we are getting organised! Posted by Hello

Cape Vidal - miles of open beach Posted by Hello

Some scenery of the Witbank type, you have to admit those power stations are spectacular! Posted by Hello