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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Hectic & Homeless

Our last opportunity to access from our home, we become nomads as of tomorrow. We are looking forward to leaving the stresses of home, packing and organising behind.

The oops of the day happened when Ross, in error distributed Caron's new jersey that was mixed in with a bunch of other stuff to be given away!

Other excitement was practicing bush mechanic skills on Caron's Nissan bakkie (not the Landy)after it broke down near home. Glad to report that the skills are growing well, the car is going again. Thanks Phil for the diagnostics.

Mechanic lesson # 2 check for the basics, engine blood, broken wires, loose thingies.

Mechanic lesson # 1 replace the sump plug before refilling the oil. This was learned yesterday when Ross was servicing the Landy, the new home owners now have a good oil spot on their drive way to look forward to.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Caron and an early morning Coffee Bay view Posted by Hello

Our Landy in her natural environment Posted by Hello

Coffee Bay Animals #2 a hungry hound Posted by Hello

Coffee Bay Animals #1 (yes the bird does eat muesli) Posted by Hello

The Outeniqua Choo Tjoe (hate that spelling) Posted by Hello

At Hole in the Wall, Transkei

At Hole in the Wall Posted by Hello

Where we Are At

Well time to give a short update.

Our house will no longer be ours at the end of this month, so that is when our adventure proper begins. At the moment we are furiously sorting out old papers, photographs and unused stuff. It is exciting to be getting rid of junk; it does not go fast enough though!

The beginning of our wanderings was a trip down to Cape Town to run the Two Oceans Marathon and to visit some of South Africa. The three weeks we took was far too short. Some of the highlights were; hiking up Table Mountain, seeing the Hex River Mountains on fire (layer upon layer of red and blue smoky mountains), Coffee Bay and the Hole In the Wall, having a beer at Helen’s Woodstock local, going wine tasting near Stellenbosch with Charles and Averil and seeing family. Two Oceans was not a highlight! The scenery is breathtaking, but the race does not have the same vibe that Comrades and even the Loskop Marathon have. You don’t get the time to really enjoy the views while you are running a race.
Before we leave Ross has to give the car a final service and replace a headlight that we cracked on the Cape Town jaunt, and we need to have a leak in our long range diesel tank fixed. The Landy, named Bertha, because of her high capacity body and ponderous road holding is well organised. A huge diesel tank, two spare wheels, a roof top tent (thanks Beccy & Jonathan) and racking to hold everything in an organised fashion. Our transport does draw attention. “You guys get out to the bush a lot?” ”You look like you are planning to go somewhere with this car.”

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Meet Bertha Posted by Hello

Caron, Ross and Bertha Get with It!

Hello everyone, yes Caron & Ross are getting technologically enabled, we are creating a web site, sort of.